Project Team Organization Structure

At the project level, the Project Team Leader (PTL) is appointed by the Manager and is the principal leader of the project. The PTL assists the BICO office Management Team to plan, execute and manage all technical aspects of the project team. Underneath the Team Leader there are project team members from CoET staff and from associated firms outside the University of Dar es Salaam. The Team Leader is responsible for the day-to-day running and monitoring of activities for specific project on the ground.

The project team members come from a pool of professionals with diverse expertise who are academically well trained and with vast professional experience in engineering as well as in management. The team members have acquired experiences in many assignments entrusted unto it by national and international organizations. BICO manager can make prompt perfect substitute consultants in the (unlikely) event that one of the assigned consultants is unable to work for reasons such as sickness and/or unexpected incidences. This is a unique structure of BICO with regard to the functions of the assignment at hand given the mandate bestowed unto it, since all such deployed expertise are obtained under single roof at CoET. Depending on the need, the BICO Manager can facilitate BICO to enter into partnerships with other consulting organizations or individuals in cases where such partnerships or associations are judged to expedite work or improve quality of work to be delivered. For multi-disciplinary consultancy assignments, BICO has the unique possibility of liaising with University of Dar es Salaam Consultancy Bureau (UCB) and University Entrepreneurship Development Centre (UDEC) to form teams amongst members from over two dozen specialized disciplines in the University of Dar es Salaam.