Office Administration and Management Organization Structure

The Managing Director of the Bureau for Industrial Cooperation (BICO) is the overall in-charge and the overall Project Manager for any project undertaken by BICO. The Manager is assisted by the Project Coordinator who is responsible for administration issues related to engineering projects and services in the laboratories and workshops. Other BICO staff include the Accountant, Secretary, Cashier, Computer Attendant, Messenger and Driver. In addition, there are BICO staff in the Central Printing Unit (COPU) dealing with printing, photocopying and binding services (Figure 3). Also, the Manager BICO on behalf of BICO provides services and linkages with other units within CoET (e.g. Technology Development and Transfer Centre - TDTC) and the University at larger (e.g. University Entrepreneurship Development Centre - UDEC).


Figure 3: BICO Administration and Management Organization Structure