Engineering is among the noble professions that have the privilege and responsibility of self regulation. To this end, the Board has worked out a Code of Ethics which aims at regulating the engineering activities and conduct of engineers and engineering consulting firms.




  1. Every engineer shall give credit for engineering work of those to whom credit is due, and recognize the proprietary interests of others.
  2. Every engineer using designs supplied by a client shall recognize that the designs remain the property of the client which shall not be duplicated by the engineer for others without express permission of the client .


(1) Every engineer shall cooperate in extending the effectiveness of the profession by interchanging information and experience with other engineers and students, and will endeavor to provide opportunity for the professional development and advancement of engineers under his supervision and in that case he shall:-

  1.  Encourage engineering employees’ efforts to improve their educations;
  2.  Encourage engineering employees to attend and make presentations at professional and technical society meetings;
  3. Encourage engineering employees to become registered at the earliest possible date.
  4. Take part/responsibility in supervising young engineers training.

(2) Every engineer shall take all reasonable steps to maintain and develop his professional competence by acquainting himself to new developments in science and engineering relevant to his field of activities and shall provide opportunities for the professional development of his subordinates.


An engineer whose professional advice is not accepted shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that persons overruling or neglecting his advice are aware of the dangers the engineer believes may result from such overruling or neglect.


No engineer shall in self-laudatory language or in any manner derogatory to the dignity of the engineering profession, advertise or write articles for publication.


No Engineer shall assist, induce or be involved in the breach of this Code of conduct and ethics but shall do all necessary endeavors to support those who seek to uphold it and report immediately any unethical engineering decisions or practices by engineers and others to the Board.